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On Friday, August 12, 2016, Larry passed away at the ripe old age of 19.  He was diagnosed with kidney disease two years earlier, which was being managed well with medication.  In November of 2015 he began having seizures regularly.  Fortunately they stopped just as abruptly as they started.  But in March of 2016 the seizures began again and continued every 3-4 weeks.  Kidney disease was making his life difficult, and maybe chipping away at his dignity when he would occasionally wet his bed, but the seizures were chipping away at his brain, stealing a fragment of his personality, health and strength piece by piece.  In the week before he died he had 3 seizures within 4 days and he started slipping away very rapidly.

Larry had a vibrant personality.  He was passionate about his toys and his food.  He loved the summer sunshine and a nice warm blanket in the winter.  He had drawers full of fashionable attire and enjoyed dressing for the occasion, although he was usually in footie pajamas.  He liked being the center of attention, or rather demanded being the center of attention.  He would sit in any available lap.  He loved fruit and vegetables and broiled salmon.  When his appetite started to wane, he insisted on capellini with marinara sauce from the local pizzeria. And he got it.  He had a good life.

Larry is at peace now and no longer suffering.  Although our hearts are broken, we know that he was loved and will be missed by many.

Me after my "nip/tuck" procedure
Megan & her BFF Coco
GREAT NEWS! New Sisters!
October 27, 2007
Rest in peace, Rai, you bravely battled your illnesses while remaining sweet and loving to the end.
Exciting News from Larry!
Ice Pop the pit bull & Lily the Chihuahua
Stanley, Larry & Adam, the baby squirrel
Lily likes to be very close to the heat
Lily, Chynna, Shakira, Holly
Larry in his favorite suit!
Larry & Lily Moo Cow
Lily on vacation in Florida
Nancy & Stanley
Sleepy Hollow!

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Here I am in Petco picking out my own toy!



My most prized possession, the red squeaky soccer ball!
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