Nancy was adopted on May 7, 2001.  She was given up by her family at the age of 7 because of a new baby.  Nancy was happy here although she would have liked to have been an only child.  She loved dinnertime the best and never left a morsel in her bowl.  Nancy was eventually diagnosed with IBD and was put on a strict diet.  She wasn't very happy with canned prescription food and went on a hunger strike.  There was nothing else to do but grill breast of duck and serve it to her with brown rice and broccoli.  Once again, she was happy with food!

Nancy liked to bite people....but not everyday.  She was one of the cutiest little girls and her spunk and spirt endeared her to everyone....except maybe the people that she bit.  She left us on July 20, 2007.  
Rest in peace, Nancy, until we meet again someday....

Shakira aka "Loony Shakaroony" 2/6/07
Shakira was 12 years old when she came to live with us on March 3, 2006.  Her previous owners didn't want her any more.  Hopefully when they are old and sick someone will get rid of them.  Shakira's teeth were all rotten and she was very thin.  An ultrasound showed spots on her liver and she lived through a serious bout of pancreatitis.

Shakira was very happy here and ate nothing but pot roast for months.  She gradually added ground buffalo to her diet, but nothing else.  Vegetables were out of the question.  She decided when she got stronger she would open up a doggie restaurant called "Shakaroony's Meat Palace"  where she would serve nothing but pot roast and ground buffalo.  After a few months, and quite by accident, she took a liking to Natural Balance Duck & Potato treats.  She decided she'd have to change the restaurant's name to "Shakaroony's Meat Palace and Snack Shack." Now doggies could order pot roast or ground buffalo and have duck & potato treats for dessert.  One day daddy came home with chicken breast from Burger King and she loved it!  She knew she'd have to change the name to "Shakaroony's Meat Palace and Chicken and Snack Shack." 

Unfortunately all of Shakira's illnesses caught up with her and she became terribly ill in February.  She left us on February 6, 2007.  "Shakaroony's Meat Palace and Chicken and Snack Shack" will remain a happy little dog's dream.

Rest in Peace, Amy Lee, 5/31/05

Little Amy Lee was found wandering in the Burger King parking lot in October of 2003, apparently abandoned by someone who thought it was a good location to leave an old, blind, crippled, 6 lb dog to fend for herself. 

Amy didn't ask for much--a good dinner, a clean diapie and a nice place to sleep 23 hours a day. 

Amy was bitten by a foster dog and went into a seizure on May 31.  The foster dog was given up by Joan Cutrone after 11 years of faithful companionship and undoubtedly was depressed after being abandoned, perhaps stressed over what the future would hold for him.  We feel no animosity toward him.  Amy Lee is at peace now, no longer crippled or blind.  We miss her very much and hope we'll see her again someday.  



Kia Monster

?? - 7/10/03

She was very monsterish

Kia came to live with us on 3/17/02.  Her owner died and the family gave her to a local shelter where Second Chance found her.  We found her on Petfinder.com.  She only had 2 teeth and was a little crippled and they said she was about 10 years old.  We found out in December she had bladder cancer.  After only 16 months together, Kia went to heaven on 7/10/03.  We miss her very much.





"A Lean, Mean Pussycat Machine"

4/14/81 - 1/30/03




Jackie Dervish

7/4/87 - 7/5/02